The aim and object of the company

The aim and object of the company according to article 5 of the article of association

Distribution of electric power for using, buying and selling

In order to achieve the aims of the company and using the 20 KV feeders of high voltage 63 or 230 KV by observing the rules and regulations for the following aims:

a. Establishing and developing the network and electric power for all locations in 20 KV and 400/230 V

b. Offering all services for exploitation- repairing and maintenance of the networks and other equipment that are given to the company.

c. Investment and cooperation in institutes and domestic companies that anyway are connected with the company in the limits of the regulations and approval of general meeting.

d. Doing any commercial transactions and operations that are profitable for the company.

e. Executing all technical, administrative and financial services for customers and applicants

f. Cooperation with other institutes and giving services for the mentioned issues, research for advancement and improvement and development of the scientific, technical and economic projects in distribution and transaction of electric power, exploitation and managing it